Tree Installation & Establishment

Imagine your lawn with or without trees. What are the pros and cons? Some trees are messy, some are prickley, and some get too large for the site in which they exist. Some trees provide greatly appreciated shade in summer, and drop there leaves in the winter months that allows heat from the sun when its the most wanted. Different species have unique characteristics, and are predictable in growth, color, texture, fruiting habits, and should be considered when planning their placement.

A tree that requires several prunings annually to maintain a desired size should not be considered appropriate. A tree that bares fruit may not be the best selection near driveways, walkways, or pools, but an evergreen tree may be the ideal tree for a privacy screen. Large species such as Oaks, and Maples, need wide and tall areas to grow, these are not trees suitable for under utility lines, the picture below shows an example. An unattractive tree that requires high amounts of maintenance.

Bring your imagination to life.

Thanks to digital cameras and special computer software we are able to see how a treescape may look upon completion, it becomes easier to choose the right tree for the right location, the first time.

Not only can we easily add trees we can also make an exsisting tree appear to be gone, place trees into the background, and even show how large the treescape will be in the upcoming years.

Truly an advantage in tree placement, this is just another way to show we appreciate your business, and strive to continue to stay on top of the latest developments in tree care.

If you would like Ingle's Tree Service to plan your next tree installation or plant an existing plan please email me at

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